Updates on our Current Projects

Alabama – 911 Authority has supported the Alabama State 911 Board in CPE (Call Processing Equipment) procurement to ensure the best client to vendor experience and product availability possible. We have also assisted and continue to support Alabama in text implementation, GIS services procurement and project management of PSAP migration to the ESInet.

California – Cal OES contracted with 911 Authority, LLC to perform a statewide feasibility study. The goal of the study was to determine the feasibility of developing a statewide system to enable all Californians, including older adults, individuals with disabilities, and other at-risk persons, to voluntarily provide vital health and safety information, with an encrypted connection, to be available to all first responders in an emergency if a 911 call is placed.

With the introduction of new technologies and the ongoing staffing PSAP staffing challenges, a study will be conducted to determine the best practices and challenges facing the PSAPs in recruiting, retention, and training of Public Safety Dispatchers (PSDs). 

  • Recruitment – Identify PSAP needs and align state resources that can be used to provide local assistance 
  • Retention- Identify strategies to improve PSD retention 
  • Training Redundancy – Identify training gaps and strategies that can be implemented to meet the training needs as new technologies are integrated into the PSAP 

Indiana – 911 Authority has been assisting the State of Indiana with NG911 RFP development. This has helped the State develop an ESInet helping interconnect PSAPS statewide. We have also helped with technical support, PSAP site visits, and implementation of SMS text across the state ensuring text-to-911 is a possibility to the citizens of Indiana.

Maine – 911 Authority has contracted with the State of Maine to proactively look at the future of 911 in Maine With our extensive operational and administrative expertise we will evaluate and report on Maine’s PSAP Oversight, staffing, and retention. Further, we will make recommendations on improvements for the overall 911 system improvement within the state of Maine.

South Dakota – 911 Authority was contracted to provide NG911 Project Management, Implementation Oversight, NG911 Technical Support, Legislative Support and RFP Development to the South Dakota 911 Board for the ongoing CPE and ESInet implementation and re-competition of the NG911 system and services contract. Part of our duties entail developing and defining NG911 RFPs for ESInet, I3 core services, Text services and OSP Carrier interconnection.

Vermont – 911 Authority provided an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of the ESInet and NG Core services for the State of Vermont.  Our team reviewed the network configurations and analyzed the system as deployed against the expected contractual components.  This effort allowed the State of Vermont to ensure with confidence that the ESInet was built to specification and met the objectives of the procurement.

Wisconsin – 911 Authority has been contracted to complete a NG911 System Assessment, develop a NG911 Request for Proposal for a state-wide ESInet and NG Core Services, provide Project Management, Procurement Management and NG911 Technical Support to the Office of Emergency Communications.  Our efforts include system and services contract, contract award, vendor negotiations, implementation oversight, project management and legislative support.